The soundtrack, Nine Inch Nails – 'Fuck You Like An Animal', perfectly complimented the dark collection presented by Raf Simons for Jil Sander. First looks included complete leather overcoats, some paired over leather pant suits, some tied and knotted, clinched in at the waist, others double breasted. Looks went on to become more relaxed with fabrics, before the leather appeared again in full force. Oversized capes and trenches, almost reminiscent of a ‘Men In Black’ or ‘Matrix’ movie, screamed male undercover vamp chic. As models turned, small knitted appliqués of childlike drawings of whales, dinosaurs and boom boxes sat on the shoulders of the garments, giving a playfulness to the hard exteriors of the leather clothing. A Raf collection wouldn’t be complete without a gimmick, jumpers including the same whale and dinosaur prints in khaki and brown, un-deniably identifiable as Jil Sander menswear. The show closed with early late 90’s reminiscent leather pullovers and jumpers. Accessories were standout, rounded glasses, brown paper bags and newspaper holders made the collection feel sinister. The accessories confirmed my first thoughts of a business wear collection, what working male doesn’t want to be dressed head to toe in leather and play with whales and dinosaurs?

Images from OKI-NI and other sources, i dont claim them to be mine or use them in any promotional way