With a casting list that includes many famous actors including Gary Oldman, Adrien Brody etc, Prada dished us a soviet military style collection, pre world war two, long tailored coats, trench style belts, finished with royal broaches and handy pocket pens. The colour pallet was strictly dull hues, ruby reds, greys, purples and khaki greens complimented by white button up high collared shirts and fur collars on many of the jackets. The show wasn’t without its prints, baroque, pin stripes and some florals seen on calf high socks that were seen on directional all in one style shirts and shorts. Jacquard coats appeared to be more like bath robes than tailored outerwear. Accessories included rounded colour tinted armour style sunglasses and two tone floral printed brogues. The collection was all about male power, represented in a time where males had the running order, if wearing this collection in any way is going to make people stop and listen to me, im in. Miuccia, we can all agree, is a visionaire.

Images from OKI-NI and other sources, i dont claim them to be mine or use them in any promotional way